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Reno child care tips: How to get your child excited about preschool

Posted on 07-25-2014


For your child, the change to preschool can be a scary one, even if he is fairly self-confident. It means new buildings, new lessons, new teachers and new faces. Like adults, young children often struggle with change, which is why it is important for you to gently introduce your child to this new environment rather than letting him plunge in. Here are some great tips to help with this transition:

  • Talk about preschool: Long before it is time to start the new school year, talk about what preschool will be like. Familiarizing your child with activities they will encounter, the different classroom structure, and the new friends they will meet can help make the change easier, and will help ease some of your child’s fears.
  • Visit the classrooms: Ask permission to take your child to visit the classrooms and even meet the teachers. This will help your child feel more secure about the upcoming change and make the first day of preschool a lot easier.
  • Go shopping: Shopping for new clothes, school supplies, sports equipment and other goodies for preschool together will help create a sense of excitement for your child. Helping them to choose an outfit for their first day will also create a sense of control and security.
  • Do not get emotional: Your child’s first day is a big day for parents as well, but shedding a tear or letting goodbyes go on too long can have a negative effect on your child, increasing the anxiety. Give yourself plenty of time on your child’s first day to get him or her settled at school, then say a quick, happy goodbye. This will increase your child’s confidence, letting him or her know that everything is fine.

When deciding on which preschool your child should attend, consider Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Reno. We offer a leading, standards based curriculum that gives your child plenty of opportunities to discover and pursue his or her interests. Our dedicated teachers work hard to help your child successfully adjust to preschool, build your child’s self-esteem and positive character traits, and develop group and individual skills, all of which will prepare him or her for a successful academic future. To find out more about our state-of-the-art facility and innovative programs, please contact us today.

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