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Child care advice: What is my child learning at pre-school in Reno, NV?

Posted on 06-11-2014


Many parents consider the pre-school experience as a fun environment where their children socialize and stay occupied while parents are working. But this perception is far from accurate. Research has determined that children who attend leading pre-schools have advanced pre-literacy skills, a higher comprehension of math, and an increased vocabulary in comparison to than those children without a preschool education.

At Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Reno, NV, our learning environment is unique from other pre-school facilities in that we utilize a standards-based pre-school curriculum that specifically targets developmental milestones. Your child is experiencing significant mental, physical, social, and linguistic growth during these early life stages. The scientifically developed curriculum we offer supports and encourages your child's growth. Utilizing the correct amount of stimulation, combined with unstructured play and targeted activities, your child will maximize their potential for learning and enhance their future academic success.

Our extensively qualified teachers emphasize child-directed learning where pre-schoolers develop their independence and learn positive decision-making skills. During supervised group activities teamwork, leadership, and social development are equally emphasized. Children also are encouraged to participate in healthy outdoor physical activities that develop motor skills, curiosity, and an interest in sports, earth science, and biology.

Innovative, skill-based learning stations are incorporated into our curriculum which emphasize varied academic pursuits, including:

  • Music and movement stations that teach listening skills, pattern recognition, and teamwork.
  • Exploration stations engage children to investigative, problem solve and teach sequential skills.
  • Library and literature stations emphasize listening, word recognition, and vocabulary.
  • Sensory stations encourage multi-sensory tasks enhance creativity, fine motor skill development, and measurement comprehension.
  • The construction stations emphasize hand-eye coordination, cooperative skills, and architecture basics.

Our goal is to keep your pre-schooler actively engaged and having fun while learning. We assist them to discover new talents and develop essential neuro-pathways for their academic success and maximizing potential during adulthood.

Continuing this learning experience outside the pre-school environment is also important, so why not visit the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum? This child-friendly venue offers many hands-on learning activities and is popular with both children and adults. Focusing on education and interaction, there are many scheduled themed events and exhibits that will engage your child for hours!

If you have any questions about our curriculum, staff or facilities, please contact us today.

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